It’s a universal fact that the majority of people dislike washing their messy dishes and unclean pots and pans by hand. It makes it even worse when you have already spent hours preparing and cooking a meal to then have to spend another hour scrubbing away at the tough stains. Put on top of that a hard day at work and you are left with little to no free time to spend doing what you want to do. Now some people may argue that handwashing is more eco-friendly or that it saves water usage however that is up for debate. Furthermore, some claim that handwashing has to be more hygienic as you can really scrub away at each item you need to clean but this could not be further from the truth. In addition to this, dishwashers have been proven to have low running costs and save you heaps of time and effort in the evening. So when it comes to the debate about owning a dishwasher and handwashing your cooking utensils every night the challenge of new evidence has already determined a pretty convincing winner. 


Environmental Impact & Water Usage


One of the most important factors people have to consider when choosing whether to opt for a dishwasher or continue with the traditional hand washing technique is the effect a dishwasher will have on the environment. In this day and age, people want to reduce their impact on the world as much as possible and that means trying to limit their carbon footprint where ever possible. However, there is a common misconception with the claim that handwashing not only reduces your carbon footprint but also that dishwashers consume more water. This statement could not be further from the truth!

Dishwashers have been proven to be four times more efficient than washing by hand reducing your water consumption and limiting the impact you are having on the world by reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage. This not only lends to saving the world but also to saving some of your hard-earned cash on energy bills. Not only this but dishwashers that have an energy rating of A and above use ten times less water to wash the same amount of dishes than they would be by washing them by hand and having to keep refilling your sink. Due to the improvements in technology and dishwashers becoming far more energy efficient and consuming far less water, dishwashers are a far better option if you are giving your best efforts to save the planet! The reason dishwashers are far more eco-friendly than using your tap and a sponge is because the dishwasher uses less water and energy to heat the water, limiting its carbon footprint. 




Some people like to think that by washing your dishes and cooking utensils by hand with a sponge, some fairy liquid and a hell of a lot of elbow grease, you will ensure that everything you need to clean is sparkling clean. However, this is a common myth that a lot of people still believe. Despite the appearance that your dishes are clean when washed by hand, this could not be further from the truth. Due to many people not actually knowing the most efficient way to hand wash their pots and pans plus sub-optimal conditions in most kitchens, leaves for a rather unhygienic mix. Although your plates and dishes may look spick and span, more often than not over 50% of the germs you thought you had cleaned away are still remnant on the, so say, “clean” hand-washed plates and pots. 

In this day and age, dishwashers will not only ensure that all your cooking equipment is fully clean but will also save you heaps of time in the long run. The reason that a dishwasher is a far more hygienic way to clean than handwashing is due to the fact that the water stays at the optimal cleaning temperature throughout ensuring that the majority of germs are killed because they cannot live in those conditions. Furthermore, the cleaning features and settings on the majority of dishwashers provide you with options that can help remove even the toughest of stains. 

Usage & Cost

The energy usage and cost of dishwashers is always a steady argument for anyone who still prefers to handwash and although using the good old-fashioned tap, sponge and sink is always the cheaper alternative, due to the advancements in technology many dishwashers that have an energy rating of A and above are superbly energy efficient and cost-effective. For example, the average running cost for a dishwasher for the average person would only cost the owner around £37.00 - £48.00 per year. Furthermore, the most energy-efficient dishwasher, an A +++, can save you £7.00 per year compared to a lower rated dishwasher. If you want to save even more, you can compromise on size with a smaller, slimline dishwasher which will only cost you around £23.00 - £37.00 per year to run.  


Quicker & Convenient


Finally, it goes without saying if you want to save a huge chunk of your day, every day, then it is 100% worth investing in a dishwasher. If you are fed up with having to clean up after every meal and spend thirty minutes to an hour each night having to manually scrub away at each thing you have used for that meal it can become consuming and mentally draining after a while. Spending all day at work, a few hours cooking and eating the meal and then having to clean up leaves you with little to no free time during the days you work which can eventually feel exhausting and leave you burnt out. If you feel like you want a bit more free time in your life then a dishwasher is a worthwhile investment. 


Most Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient Dishwashers


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To conclude, it is clear to say that a dishwasher triumphs against hand washing in almost every aspect. Whether it is being more environmentally friendly for the earth, a more hygienic method of cleaning for you and your family members, low energy costs saving you money and is far quicker and more convenient than hand washing. Hopefully, this has helped settle your mind and put any of the old myths and misconceptions that you had about dishwashers previously to rest.

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