Fridge Freezer Liverpool

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fridge Freezer

Keeping your fruit, vegetables and other foods fresh and safe to eat can be difficult, what with the huge number of storage guidelines and different food life length. To make your fresh food storage easier, we recommend purchasing a high quality refrigerator appliance. They come in a variety of types, such as a freezer or fridge. However, having 2 separate appliances in your home can take up a large amount of space. This is where a fridge freezer Liverpool is your saviour! Here at Powerpoint Wallasey, we stock a huge range of different fridge freezers from a variety of big name manufacturers for you to choose from. If you’re interested in a new fridge freezer in Liverpool or want more advice on food storage, please visit us in our showroom or call us on 0151 630 2593.

Remove Shelves

We all know the difficulties when it comes to storing large food items such as poultry or cakes. You just can’t fit it in! Or even after your weekly shop, trying to fit all your fresh foods in can be difficult. A little tip to expanding your storage space in your fridge, and sometimes your freezer, is to remove the shelves. This then allows you to fit in all your foods without having to comprise and not store some foods in the fridge freezer Liverpool.

Label Foods

If you cook foods or remove the foods from their original packaging, you should place them in a new container for hygiene reasons. This can then be very confusing when it comes to cooking and eating the foods - avoids disaster such as mixing up your apple crumble for roast dinner leftovers! We recommend labelling your food packaging with permanent marker, ensuring to write what the foods are exactly and the date the foods were bought or made. This way you can see what the foods are and when you should eat them by to reduce the chance of food poisoning or consuming foods that have been ruined by freezer burn.

Defrost Regularly

Your freezer section, and sometimes your fridge section, can have frost build up in the back. Some models are frost free so that you don’t have to worry about this but it is worthwhile being aware of your fridge freezer requiring defrosting. The build up of frost can decrease your amount of food storage space, and can make it increasingly difficult for you to store larger food items. Similarly, frost can make it difficult for you to open drawers. This is especially so in the freezer section. Defrosting can be messy so we recommend you prepare beforehand by laying towels down and clearing the surrounding area to your fridge freezer.

Clean Regularly

Your food in your fridge can sometimes leak and drip down onto food items on the shelves below. This can be dangerous and can make your fridge a breeding ground for bacteria. The odd spill can sit on your fridge’s glass shelves for weeks and be passed onto your other foods by simply laying them on it. Similarly, if a liquid food item leaks and you place a cardboard food container onto the spillage, it can cause the container to deteriorate and decrease its strength; potentially causing the foods to escape. Keeping your fridge clean can keep you, your friends and family from getting ill and reduce the chance of your foods mixing with others.

Here at Powerpoint Wallasey, we have a huge range of different fridge freezers available at incredibly low prices. This means that when you choose to purchase a new fridge freezer from us, you can guarantee that you will find the best suited fridge freezer Liverpool for you at the best price available. If you’d like to learn more about our range of fridge freezers and our current stock, please call us on 0151 630 2593. Similarly, visit us in store to gain a real hands on experience with the kitchen appliances. We have our highly trained team of kitchen appliance advisers on hand to answer any questions that you may have. They can even assist you with choosing the best fridge freezer in Liverpool.