Tumble Dryer Liverpool

Tumble dryers are amazing appliances that are able to dry your laundry and improve their quality. There is nothing better than using freshly tumbled dried towels after a long bath or getting into bed that has tumble dried bed sheets on. Similarly, many tumble dryers now have a variety of different programmes that can freshen, iron and improve your laundry. Here at Powerpoint Wallasey, we have over 21 years experience in kitchen appliance sales and can advise you on the best tumble dryer Liverpool for your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your laundry, visit us in store in Liverpool or call us on 0151 630 2593.

Different Types of Dryer

There are a variety of different dryers available for you to choose from. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages and suits different households. The most common type of dryers are:

  • Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - As one of the more expensive versions of tumble dryer, the heat pump dryers are relatively cheap to run. They use significantly less electric that other types of tumble dryers due to the fact that they only reheat the air that is sucked out of the laundry. This hot air then cools and condenses into water that is stored in the appliance. Some heat pump tumble dryers require their water to be manually emptied, whereas some can be attached to your property’s water mains and empty the water automatically.

  • Condenser Tumble Dryer - One big advantage of a condenser tumble dryer is their ability to be placed anywhere in your property. However, some models require an external hose to be directed outside of your building to release the steam collected from your wet laundry. They work by heating the inside of the drum, which turns the moisture into steam and then sometimes into water which is collected internally. Some machines will have an indicator which lets you know when the water collector is full and requires emptying.

  • Vented Tumble Dryer - As one of the cheaper models, vented tumble dryers are one of the most popular choices in UK homes. They work by pumping the hot and damp air out of the machine through a flexible hose to the outdoors. This means that your tumble dryer must be positioned by a window or wall to allow for the pipe to vent the hot air outside.

Tumble Dryer Capacity Explained

Similarly to washing machines, tumble dryers sizes are measured in KG. This means that the amount that you can dry at one time should weigh no more than the manufacturer's guidelines. We advise purchasing a tumble dryer with a larger drum than you think you need so that your clothes have more room to spin and therefore will dry quicker and keep your running costs low.

Tumble dryers Liverpool capacities range from 5 kg to up to around 9kg. Generally, 1 outfit which consists of trousers/skirt, socks, underwear and a top will weigh 1kg when wet after a wash. This means that if you have a larger household, a larger capacity tumble dryer would be best suited to you. However, with larger capacity and drum size, comes with a larger appliance. You should take this into consideration when choosing a tumble dryer as they are relatively large appliances and sometimes need to be positioned in specific locations in your home.

Tumble Dryer Programmes and Settings

Each tumble dryer is different. Each manufacturer chooses different programmes to include in their appliance. However, some programs and features are popular so are included in most machines. These are:

  • Synthetic programme - Specifically designed for clothing and other laundry items made of synthetic materials, the synthetic drying programme should be partnered with a half-full capacity to allow the synthetic items to flow more freely around the drum and therefore dry more effectively, and lower their chances of spoiling.

  • Wool or Delicates programme - Another clothing material based programme, the wool or delicates programme is designed specifically for laundry items that are made of wool, silk or other delicate fabrics that require extra care. The tumble dryer will adjust it’s temperature so that it is less likely to damage the laundry, as well as lower the number of spins which could potentially damage your pieces of laundry.

  • Cool Programme - A quick spin cycle that is mainly used for refreshing laundry items. We recommend using a scented tumble dryer sheet with this programme to gain the most benefit from this cycle.

If you’re looking to purchase a new tumble dryer, look no further than Powerpoint Wallasey. We stock a huge range of different makes and models of tumble dryer for you to choose from. As well as our highly trained staff on hand to advise you on the best one for you. Visit us in store or call 0151 630 2593 to learn more about our tumble dryer Liverpool stock.