As the British Pound took a historic dip against the US Dollar recently and the energy price cap in the UK is set to rise to £2,500 a year from the 1st of October 2022 as energy companies rise the price of energy across the UK and Europe, it is safe to say everyone is looking to save money wherever possible. With many people worried about the cost of using their kitchen appliances and white goods this winter it is important to know which domestic appliances are the least energy efficient within your household so you can look to save as much as possible on your energy bills. This article will include important tips and tricks on how to reduce the cost of your kitchen appliances within your home and give you a rough understanding of what type of appliances consume the most and least energy in your kitchen.


Breakdown Of Every Domestic Appliance

Although the energy consumption of appliances relies on a number of different factors such as type, brand, age, condition and usage, this guide will provide you with a breakdown of the average cost of every kitchen appliance based on the usage of an average person. This breakdown uses the new average unit rate for people who are living in England, Wales and Scotland of 34p / kWh of electricity and 10.3p for gas.

Table that shows the details of domestic appliances on their energy costs

The Most Expensive Domestic Appliances to Run


Tumble Dryer

As expected the tumble dryer consumes the most energy per cycle compared to all other domestic appliances. The least energy-efficient type of tumble dryer is a condenser tumble dryer which will cost the average person around £234 per year on their energy bills within the UK. A cheaper alternative can be the heat pump tumble dryer however this will still cost you a whopping £170 per year on average energy costs. As winter approaches, the days get shorter and colder, and the drying techniques of hanging your washing up on the washing line in the garden become a distant summer memory, people will look to use their tumble dryers more frequently to dry their clothes. With the cost of tumble dryers being the most expensive per year, no matter the type, if you want to save money it may be best to follow the tips we provide at the bottom of this guide!


American Fridge Freezer

The second most expensive kitchen appliance to run per year is the American fridge freezer. Now, this may not come as a surprise to anyone due to the sheer size of the majority of American Fridge Freezers but for owners of the chunky refrigeration device, it will cost them on average £146 per year on their energy bills. 

On the other hand, the average fridge freezer will cost you around £50 or so less, costing the average person around £91 on the energy bills per year.



No matter what fuel type your hob uses, it is guaranteed to be pricey this winter season when it comes to energy prices. Not only does a gas hob cost roughly £115 per year to run but the electric alternative is not much better. For the average person, an electric hob will cost them around £102 per year on their energy bills so only a £13 difference compared to the gas hob. 



Dishwashers hold a middle ground when it comes to the yearly cost for the average person. They aren’t necessarily the most expensive appliance to run within your kitchen space however they are by far not the cheapest either. Within the current energy prices, the cost to run a dishwasher for an entire year for the average person is around £89.


The Cheapest Domestic Appliances to Run



It may come as no shock that small appliances such as a microwave are the cheapest appliance to run within your household for the average person. Costing you only £40 per year for the average person, this appliance packs a punch when it comes to energy efficiency and saving you money on your energy bills.


Fridge & Freezer

The fridge and freezer sit in very similar positions as being two of the most energy-efficient appliances that are needed in almost every kitchen across the UK. Fortunately, due to many energy-saving features being introduced across the years and the function of both fridges and freezers they won’t cost you as much as some other appliances that are within your kitchen. A fridge will cost the average person roughly £65 per year and a freezer will cost the average person around £70 per year.


Single Oven

A single oven is one of the few appliances where the fuel type it uses can have a big impact on how much the appliance will cost you annually on your energy bills. An electric single oven will cost you £80 per year. However, if you wanted a cheaper alternative when it comes to energy prices, the gas single oven will only cost you £29 per year on your energy bills.


Washing Machine

The washing machine falls into a similar category as the dishwasher, it may not be the most expensive domestic appliance within the household however it is by far not the cheapest either. A washing machine will cost you around £77 per year on your energy costs.


Tips & Tricks to Save Money on your Energy Bills

Despite all this doom and gloom, there are a handful of ways you can reduce the amount of energy your kitchen appliances consume and they will help you save a handful of cash in the process.


Size of Appliance

Although it may seem obvious, making sure the size of the appliance you buy is efficient for your family and lifestyle is very important. It is no use having a large American fridge freezer if you live on your own or as a couple and don’t cook regularly for others. A large washing machine would also be of no use if you don’t bulk wash lots of things or have a large family. Therefore, it is important to assess your lifestyle and surroundings before buying any domestic appliance because the larger appliance you buy, more often than not is going to cost you a lot more on your energy bills than a smaller appliance would.  


Type of Appliance

As mentioned previously, if you want to be saving the most on your energy bills it is always best to research what type of appliance is the most energy efficient and cost-effective before buying. For example, a condenser tumble dryer will cost you a lot more per year than a heat pump tumble dryer. For this reason, you should always weigh the pros and cons of each type of appliance and the type of fuel it uses as it could save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bill.


Energy Ratings

When looking for new domestic appliances for your home, always check the energy ratings for each appliance. The EU energy label is displayed on every new domestic appliance and works on an A to G rating with an A-rated appliance being the most energy efficient and therefore an appliance that will save you money on your energy bills. Compare this to a G-rated appliance which is the least energy-efficient type of appliance you can buy. An appliance rated G will not be very energy efficient and will cost you a lot more per year on your energy bills compared to an A-rated appliance. So it is always important to buy a new appliance that is rated on the upper scale of the EU energy label chart such as a C, B or A-rated appliance.



Many manufacturers know that the energy costs of an appliance can be a driving factor in why someone may buy an appliance from their brand. Thus, brands have put a lot of time, money and effort into coming up with new innovative ideas that can ensure their appliance is the most energy efficient on the market. Always look out for eco and energy-saving features on any appliance you buy as they could save you a big chunk of money when it comes to your energy bills.


Old or Damaged Appliances

Finally, it is important to note that old or damaged appliances are always going to be less energy efficient than newer appliances and will end up costing you more in the long run than it would take to buy a new appliance. 

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