High Performace Washing Machines Available at Power Point

When you purchase a washing machine from Power Point you won't have to worry about a thing. We can deal with all the washing machine plumbing and recycle your old machine. We sell washing machines with different load capacities and spin speeds so you can find one perfect for your lifestyle. To help the environment we can help you choose from some of the latest energy efficient models. Same day delivery is available to Wirral and Liverpool. Check out the full range here.

End your Washing Machine Woes

From washing machine leaks and drainage problems to stuck doors and drum faults, Power Point can help. Our engineers can repair many common washing machine problems and are up to date with technical knowledge to correct fault codes. We stock replacement washing machine parts from many of the leading manufacturers. This allows us to offer fast repairs so that you can get on with your laundry.

Don't let your washing pile get sky high contact Power Point for washing machine repairs and replacement.


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